Our History

Dental Innovations Team At Dental Innovations, we have now been providing our patients with excellent dental services for 20 years! We have maintained the same values since our humble beginnings. Our goal has always been to create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for our highly regarded patients. We have always offered competitive pricing and efficient services to provide the best value possible.

One of our great dentists, Dr. J. Mario Velasquez, opened up a clinic and formed Dental Innovations in 1995. He had always wanted to become a dentist, and Dental Innovations became his ultimate achievement. Dr. Velasquez graduated from the University of Texas Dental School at Houston as a periodontist in 1999.

Over the years, Dr. Velasquez has added many different specialists to our staff, in order to make Dental Innovations the one-stop-shop that it is today. We have eliminated the need to refer anyone to a specialist, as we perform everything right in our offices. We offer everything from routine checkups and cleanings to extensive oral surgeries.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your first appointment with us, give us a call or use the form below. We look forward to making you a part of the Dental Innovations family!